our message

We proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to sinful, broken people – and that’s all of us. The word “gospel” is a Greek word that means “good news.” The Bible’s good news teaches us the answer to life’s most important question: “How can a person be made right with God?” Unfortunately, there is also bad news – you and I are born in sin and enslaved to sin by nature, justly deserving the wrath and judgment of a holy God. There is nothing we can do to fix this desperate situation. No amount of religious activity, good works or trying harder to be a “decent” person will make us acceptable to God. The gospel is not a message of what we must do. It is not good advice. It is good news! The gospel is a message of what God has done for us.

God graciously sent His Son Jesus to earth to save helpless sinners. Jesus redeemed us by living the sinless and obedient life that we couldn’t, and bearing the punishment for sins that we deserve. On the cross, Jesus endured the wrath and judgment of God for us, and after paying for our sins, he died. On the third day, He rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will soon come again to judge the world. Jesus offers to us complete forgiveness of our sins and a right standing with God, if we simply place our faith in Him. This is the good news that we joyfully preach – Jesus Christ crucified for sinners!